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Early invented spelling and the developing reading brain

Ep. 7
On this episode of Kindergarten Ready: What Really Matters we have our first ever listener requested topic: invented spelling and kid writing! Yay! A topic near and dear to my heart- and brain. We’ll talk about how early kid writing is not only a great gateway to learning to read, it actually directly tells us about the child’s developing brain!References & Links:Richard Gentry Phases of Spelling: of my related research:Ouellette, G., Martin-Chang, S., & Rossi, M. (2018). Learning from our mistakes: Improvements in spelling lead to gains in reading speed.Scientific Studies of Reading, 21, 350-357.Ouellette, G., & Sénéchal, M. (2017). Invented spelling in Kindergarten as a predictor of readingand spelling in Grade 1: A new pathway to literacy, or just the same road, less known? Developmental Psychology, 53, 77-88.Ouellette, G., Sénéchal, M., & Haley, A. (2013). Guiding children's invented spellings: A gateway into literacy learning. Journal of Experimental Education, 81, 261-279.Sénéchal, M., Ouellette, G., Pagan, S., & Lever, R. (2012). The role of invented spelling onlearning to read in low-phoneme-awareness kindergartners: A randomized-control-trial study. Reading and Writing, 25, 917-934._________________________________________As always, please feel free to reach out with comments, suggestions, and maybe sound clips of your kids even!www.kindergartenreadywhatreallymatters.com